Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 2008 - the addition

The living room/kitchen expansion located in the forefront of the existing shack.

The two new bedrooms around the side.

This kind of work is messy, messy business. The neighbors are all thinking... there goes the neighborhood, Cec and Marv have taken over!

Gratuitous canoe shot! Gratuitous canoe shot!

And the walls of the bedroom have been raised! Where is the door for the far bedroom?

View from bedroom window? It will improve vastly in the future. We hope.

See the progress! Wow. That's a lot of lumber boys, you sure you need all that?

Cec, Value Village called. They want their floor rag back!

And also? I know it was hot but that's a whole lot of ventilation going on back there.

Um. Really. I can't say anything other than I am positive this was set up by none other than Jeff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work begins

After the trees were cleared, the roots were dislodged with a backhoe hired from FATS camp.

Over the years the cabin had sunk into the muskeg. Jacks were used to lift the structure before a permanent foundation could to built.

Sister and Ceasar (Gus's dogs) survey the mess created by the backhoe.

The day it rained 41/2 inches resulting in a soggy mess. Rubber boots were a necessity.

When the exsting well could not revivied, a new sand point well was installed. Cec is digging the trench from the well to the side of the cabin for the piping..